Gretna photo and camera safety speeding or red light tickets that are received in the mail are not like tickets that are given during a traffic stop by a law enforcement officer

Photo or camera safety tickets do not go on your driving record, nor raise your auto insurance rates. There is no need to hire an attorney, it will not do any good anyway, and is not necessary.

Though it may appear that there is a mistake, when you get to court to fight your ticket, you will be shown the video of your vehicle incurring the infraction, it will be correct. Mistakes are screened out before the photo ticket enforcement letters are sent. Before you attempt to go to court please try viewing the video online for a more accurate understanding.

Simply pay the court or municipality on time and forget about it, that is the best way to handle Gretna photo tickets.  Don’t let them run up the price with outrageously high late fees.  Of course, try to notice and remember where in Gretna the intersections that are equipped with photo ticket cameras are to avoid future tickets.

Traffic tickets written by police officers are different from camera safety tickets.

All tickets written by the police, when pulled over, must be fought to avoid adverse consequences like higher insurance rates. Hiring an attorney skilled at Louisiana traffic laws and court procedures to represent you is your best way to handle those types of tickets.  I am always pleased to be able to help you with those kinds of tickets.